TV show filmed in WN with local kids, ends with Cache Bay mural unveiling


The community of Cache Bay now has its first mural, one that illustrates aspects of life in West Nipissing, and it came courtesy of a few dedicated local youth, renowned graffiti artist Mique Michelle and a television production crew.

As part of the filming of a new French-language show, “Couleurs du Nord”, four local teens, Zoé McLeod (16), Melissa Goulais (14), and Wyatt (14) and Abigail (16) Kennedy, left their mark on the Cache Bay Community Centre. While the four had never picked up a spray paint can before this experience, in just three days, under the guidance of Mique Michelle, they were able to create a winding painting that captures what they think makes living in West Nipissing special.

“We’re trying to show in our mural what the community is, how we express ourselves here and what we can find around here,” said McLeod. “For example, there’s berries, feathers and medicines that we find in our community, so we wanted to put a little touch on that here. There’s lots of words of kindness, like amour and love: I just wanted everyone to know that our community is really together and it’s like a big family, we’re altogether inclusive.”

Painting the mural was just part of their jam-packed three-day filming schedule. “Couleurs du Nord” aims to highlight life in Northern Ontario, with a focus on the local Francophone and Indigenous cultures. Food featured heavily in the filming, which Michelle joked made making the mural a challenge at times. Originally from Field, the artist travels the world painting murals but stays emotionally attached to her Northern Ontario roots – including the food.

“I was scared of the ladder, how am I going to climb after all that?” she laughed. “Because we were eating so much! Everything; they kept introducing me to new stuff because I’ve been gone for a while, so it’s been pretty cool.”

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