Fan mail gets response from kids’ favourite author


It was quite a surprise to Liane Longfellow and her kids Ruby Mae and Walden when the creator of their favourite book series, Mr. Wolf’s Class, not only received their fan mail but made a video about it on social media. “He gets a lot of fan mail, but he’s never done a video, that I know of,” beams the proud Mom when speaking of author Aron Nels Steinke, who posted the video on his Instagram on August 5th.

“The kids wanted to write to him, so we got his address, sent some fan mail with the little pottery leaf, and this video just popped up on his feed and it was really exciting to watch that with the kids,” she describes. Longfellow is a potter and had included a handmade leaf in reference to one of Steinke’s stories, while the kids included drawings and decorated the envelope, which was part of what caught the author’s attention.

“I went to my post office box, and I found to my surprise and delight, this amazing package coming all the way from Ontario in Canada,” Steinke says in the video. He goes on to show off the kids’ art both in the package and on the envelope. Finally, what surprised him most was the painted ceramic leaf. “That comes from my book, Snow Day.” Steinke explains that the main character, Abdi, makes a similar leaf in an art class for a friend.

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