Serré takes on new role, keeps fighting for more funding for Nickel Belt

A pre-pandemic photo of MP Marc Serré (right) with Neil Fox, manager of Economic Partners Sudbury East - West Nipissing. Serré announced an increase in funding to Economic Partners on April 15 to grow the local economy over the next five years.

Marc Serré, MP for Nickel Belt, has had a busy spring with a flurry of announcements, starting with the news that he was appointed to the position of Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Natural Resources, Seamus O’Regan Jr., and that on April 30th he was confirmed as the Liberal candidate for the next election. No federal election date has been set so far, but many expect the minority government to try its luck again soon. If Serré wins again, it will be his third term as MP for Nickel Belt.

Over the past several weeks, Serré was working remotely, doing Zoom meetings with caucus and assisting local organizations and constituents navigate through the pandemic. “Right now I’m trying to do everything we can to help people. It’s been busy and there’s no playbook for this. We’re trying to adjust and help people and individuals and businesses, and trying to keep up in Ottawa with a minority government.”

The new Natural Resources appointment will add to his duties, but Serré’s background with the Liberal Rural Caucus and Rural Economic Development will serve him well in this role. “Essentially as Parliamentary Secretary for the Minister, I’m there to support the minister, to replace the minister in Question Period in the House of Commons and also attend various briefing meetings and industry meetings that he can’t attend. Natural resources in Canada is a big part of our economy.” Serré points out his functions are not only across Canada, but have implications worldwide, which is exciting.  “Not only [dealing with] oil and gas, forestry, mining, renewables, solar and wind, some of the new technologies, hydrogen and indigenous involvement in the natural resource sector – there are a lot of jobs involved.”

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