Oraclepoll shows dismal approval rating for current municipal council and mayor


A privately-funded municipal poll was conducted in July of 2022 to gauge approval ratings of current mayor and council leading up to this year’s municipal election. A private citizen paid to have Oraclepoll Research conduct the poll. They surveyed a randomized sample of 300 residents of West Nipissing from across all wards, and the results show a rather bleak picture of the approval ratings for current members of council. Polling was done over the phone between July 5th and July 11th, according to Oraclepoll’s methodology statement.

According to the data obtained by the Tribune, 90% of people polled disapprove of the performance of West Nipissing Municipal Council as a whole, while only 7% approve. 92% advised they intend to vote for change in the election, opting for a new candidate for Mayor or council, versus 5% indicating they would support incumbents. 96% of respondents disapprove of the job of Mayor and council as a whole, while only 2% approve. Finally, 93% disapprove of the performance of Mayor Joanne Savage in particular, while only 5% approve.

Additional data was collected with regards to “top of mind issues” for residents of West Nipissing. Participants were asked what they would consider to be the “most important issue facing residents of the municipality of West Nipissing.” At an overwhelming 60%, the top issue was “Mayor & Council (infighting, need change).” Following issues at the top of residents’ minds were “Drugs, crime, and addictions” at 16%; affordable housing at 4%; taxation at 3%; roads at 2%; and finally, roads, services, lack of direction, and local economy each at 1%. 13% of respondents were unsure which issue to list.

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