Field pioneers celebrate 70 years of marriage


Gérald and Mireille Aubin celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary at the Au Château on Dec. 27. Seventy years of marriage is a phenomenal milestone, and even though COVID intervened in the usual celebrations, hundreds of well wishes were sent and the staff of Au Château made sure the event was recognized.

Their daughter, Angèle Aubin, said, “To me they are the best parents. They raised ten kids. They were farmers for the longest time in Field, and he was one of the first pioneers in Field, part of the first family there. He was involved with the municipality, the school board, the agricultural committees – you name it and he was involved. He was the reeve of Field for the longest time… They raised us ten kids and they transmitted great values to us, showing us what family is. They were always pillars of the family.”

Angèle noted that all ten children, now aged from 53 to 69, currently live within an hour of their parents. Gérald and Mireille Aubin have been living at the Au Château for awhile. More recently Mme Aubin has been suffering from Alzheimer’s and was moved to that ward – the first time they have ever been separated. “Physically she is very healthy, but it did take a toll on my dad. It’s hard to see a loved one go through that. For the first time in his life, when we moved her to the third floor, he was alone,” said Angèle.  But they did have a celebration together. “She knows him and recognizes him, and she lights up when she sees us. You can see the glimpse of love shining through the disease.” Angèle said the old-time songs were always part of that celebration. “She knows the songs; the songs we’d sing on New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day. We would celebrate New Year’s Day with all of us, and she would recognize the songs at the anniversary and she could sing along.”

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