Not running for another term



I received many messages, texts and phone calls encouraging me to run for another term as Mayor. Thank you so much for the overwhelming support and kind words.

I can assure you my decision was not weighed lightly. I spent countless days and nights considering to do so because my heart and passion is for the well-being of you all, for our beautiful communities and municipality. I’ve always stated during my tenure in office our most valuable resources are the people. 

I am grateful for the 24 years you have bestowed to me and allowed me to work for you and work with you. Together we accomplished so many endeavours and initiatives. Credit is owed to all of you for the many successes!

Throughout these 24 years I devoted myself to my fullest to fulfill my obligation with integrity, loyalty, dedication and commitment. Never in the history of mankind did I ever refuse to attend any meetings.

The commitment was a huge family sacrifice. I was blessed and privileged to always have 100% support and backing from my husband and my family. They have always been my anchor and my strength throughout all the ups and downs. I lost count of how many times I told them “duty calls”. They got so accustomed to this saying throughout the years that it became entrenched in our daily family life. Of course it was a personal choice but a choice I have no regrets. 

You opened the door by granting me the most rewarding experience that I have enjoyed immensely. Till this day, the most remarkable part of this journey was to have worked with so many remarkable people of West Nipissing.

It is with a heavy heart that I am unable to pursue another term at this time in my life. 

I presently have several personal issues which are extremely time consuming which include a move to Sturgeon Falls, daughter’s wedding and my husband’s heath ordeal.

The time has come for me to be the anchor and strength to my husband and my family, and to spend quality time with them.

Again I extend my deepest gratitude to all my supporters, my friends, my family and everyone who provided me with their vote of confidence throughout these 24 years. I will continue to serve and work on your behalf till the end of my term. 

As all, I am also anxious to learn the outcome of all nominations submitted by closing date Aug 19th. Succession should be the right fit for the job. What I do know is the job of a politician comes with more criticism than praise.

If one cannot take criticism nor see wrongdoing, then the job is not for them. These words were shared to me, during my first campaign, by a respected and successful businessperson. His wise words always resonated with me and will be considered for whom I can support in this upcoming election.

Respectfully yours,

Joanne Savage 


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