Cycling toward new goals


Line Lloyd, who was riding in the Great Cycle Challenge throughout August, achieved her goal but she’s not stopping there. Lloyd set out to cycle 500km and raise $3000 for the Sick Kids Foundation in support of research for child cancer. By the end of her run, she had raised $3074.22 and rode 523km. However, it’s not the end of the fundraising. “If people want to continue sponsoring, they can until end of September,” she invites.

Her own cycling efforts are not done either. On Saturday, September 10th, she participated in the Marc Hovingh Memorial – Ride, Run or Walk. This new fundraiser sells tickets for riders to participate in various courses around Manitoulin Island. To Lloyd’s surprise, 100% of the proceeds from tickets goes towards the Ontario Provincial Police Youth Foundation. Participants can also donate more on top of their fee. “I paid $50 and donated $25. Turns out $75 is going straight to the fundraiser,” she says.

When asked if she’s ever not fundraising these days, Lloyd says that she’s not a fan of asking for and collecting money, “but these organizations have made it so easy that I’m starting to like it!” All she has to do in most cases is show up, do what she loves, and the organizations handle the money part of it. And while she’s not a fan of asking for money, she does know all too well the importance of raising funds for those who need it. “[6 years ago] my daughter was the recipient of a GoFundMe to help with her fight for leukaemia and it has shown me firsthand just how important fundraising is,” she explains.

Though she doesn’t have any new fundraising plans lined-up just yet, Lloyd is certainly ready for more if something does come up. “If it’s suiting my time and lifestyle, I’ll do it!” In the meantime, she will continue to cycle just for the fun of it, for as long as the weather permits.

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