Bill Foy – Progressive Conservative Party


Mr. Foy was not available for an interview. He and his wife Jeanette and daughter Sarah are residents of Kirkland Lake where he is employed as a Conservation Officer with the Ontario Ministry or Northern Development and Mines. He previously worked with the Ontario Public Service Employees Union. As of yet Mr. Foy has not committed to being at the West Nipissing All Candidates evening on May 26. 


  1. It would of been nice to see a candidate in person to see how you can help us here (about 50 voters) on and surrounding streets off of Muskosung lake rd. In Field Ontario. For years Muskosung Lake Rd. Has been falling apart, and bumps every 5 feet, it is awful. We here at Camp Horizon (along with our neighbours), rely on this road daily and being the first impression to our camp. A lot of our customers have boats, and we know the expense there. The speed limit is 60km which is way to high our street is also walked on daily, may I suggest 40km. Please help us with this major problem.

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