A flame of ice in downtown SF


The Joie de vivre lot, home to the Sturgeon Falls downtown summer market, has become more than a parking lot as all four sides of the square, north-south-east-west, are graced with art by various artists. Most recently an ice sculpture representing fire has been mounted to stand beside the Stella the Sturgeon sculpture. It may not last long as temperatures are climbing, but it is a sweet addition to the burgeoning visuals of the West Nipissing art scene. The sculpture stands 5 feet high, 6 feet wide and is composed of carved ice blocks. The carving was undertaken by Ice Boy Ltd. of Toronto, composed by artists Danny Marchiorio, Greg Marchiori, Daniel de la Casa, Richard Balcon and Ron Brooks. The sculpture was sponsored by Les Compagnons des francs loisirs as part of their 60th winter carnival celebration, and was gifted to the Municipality of West Nipissing as a token of appreciation for welcoming carnival activities this year.

Gayle Primeau of Sturgeon Falls Beautification was on hand for the reconstruction of the sculpture on site this past February 2nd, on a cold and blustery day. “We are pleased to have it beautify downtown, and to keep Stella Sturgeon company! Thank you to the artist carvers,” she expressed.

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